New website UPDATE:

I will keep working on the new website in the next weeks but i'm feeling good about the results that i have right now. At this point, i feel like i have a majority of what i need to feel like this is an awesome website, but i also still feel like i can make some of the things greater. I feel like a lot of the concepts or ideas are cool. Some introspective thoughts, unexpected concepts, and a lot of the stuff i feel like a new website should have. It also has to have authentic style and feel.

I know yall have been patiently waiting in the dark for me to release something and i see all the emails asking me when i'm gonna open the website gates. I've done that so much that i think people will appreciate that stuff more when its special. I only want to release things that i feel are special. Sometimes its more about what you don't do then what you actually do. 

When the new year arrives ill turn this up a notch. I hope you will still be... nevermind. See you then. 


New website on the way

We will be back soon and better than ever... | |